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Nchindo Beltus
Nchindo Beltus

The Meducation first Aid workshop organised by Better Breed Cameroon in partnership with HERO Cameroon and Favour Low-Cost Health Services (FALCOH) was an enriching learning experience. The style and knowledge depth of the various presenters made for an informative session. Also, it inspired me to learn more and improve on my public speaking skills. 
Participating in this training as a volunteer with Better Breed Cameroon gave me the opportunity to learn more about the opportunities Better Breed Cameroon offers and network with other participants, building relationships I still maintain. The hands-on training I received enabled me to assist a choking victim at home. In addition, l had the opportunity to transfer the knowledge gained during this training with my classmates during a fieldwork expedition. I remain grateful for such an opportunity.

Nkesa Ankiambom
YEB 2021

Organized by Better Breed Cameroon, the Youth Employability Boot camp (YEB2021) was a knowledge imparting program. The use of unique communication abilities by presenters, in their discourses made their sessions interactive and the learning was easier. 
Most importantly I learned how to develop myself fully for the job market and for opportunities. I remain grateful to the Better Breed Cameroon team for their resources sacrificed to make the  training a success. For example, mentorship arranged for participants.
Sharing the knowledge gotten from the training with others will benefit the community and I will gladly do that.

Dioline Fiyangum Suh
SRYWC 2021

Early, before my words could raise an eyebrow, I learned that tales told in these same words could change a people, a culture, a nation, a planet. The Sama Randy Youth Write Contest (SRYWC) organized by Better Breed Cameroon, gave me a platform to dream. To share my thoughts on a rather sensitive motion, one which an average Cameroonian will be eager to speak about, yet not find words to knit in the face of opportunity. The most humbling part of this experience however, was the platform given to us, to actually talk . It was amazing hearing the thoughts of other contestants, and participants; all, well meaning Cameroonians. I learned that each of us have a unique sound to raise for the well being of our nation.

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