Who We Are

The members of Better Breed Cameroon, are Cameroonian youth (millennial generation and later) and youth workers with a common ambition to contribute to the realisation of “a Better Cameroon”.

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Our story

Initiated in January 2013 with part of a cash awarded Monique Kwachou received from the Orange Foundation for academic excellence despite disability, Better Breed Cameroon came into being as a result of a single unanswered question a group of young passionate Cameroonians had identified: if/when the breed of leaders we decry today pass away, will there be better people to take their place?
This group appreciated that rather while advocating against the myriad of development and governance issues plaguing Cameroon today, it is imperative to ensure tomorrow is better by raising more conscious and active citizens and better capable and principled leaders to serve and lead when the time comes. Behind the founding of Better Breed Cameroon, was the acknowledgement that Cameroons issues are systemic and the bad system has bred bad leaders and apathy in citizens… a new breed is needed, and the best way to address the plethora of Cameroon’s problems and ensure a better Cameroon in future would be focusing on raising this new breed. Hence the organization’s motto “Breeding the change we need” .

What would a generation of better bred Cameroonians look like

We at Better Breed Cameroon envisage “a Better Cameroon” as one that is better governed, more equitable, inclusive and responsive. The association foresees such a better future for Cameroon as dependent on what we sow into and how we foster the potential of youth today. We believe such a Cameroon will only be possible when Cameroonians are critically conscious enough to reject conditioning that sustains inequalities, more civic-minded holding those in power accountable, more socially responsible citizens and better equipped to lead their own development.
We work towards this vision through a mirage of activities ranging from advocacy to research and the eventual provision of youth services through community centres.
Core Values
1- Illustrating youth-led, Afrocentric youth development.
2- Providing what Cameroonian youth need to address their most pressing issues
3- Creating the space and conditions for Cameroonians to know better, so they do better.
4- Addressing strategic needs for meaningful change.

Our theory of change

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can change unless it is faced.
James Baldwin
Join us in facing the Challenge of Bettering Cameroon
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I am no longer accepting the things i cannot change, I am now changing the things i cannot accept.
Angela Davis
Find out how we are changing the things we can no longer accept in Cameroon!
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Writing is a life-affirming act.
juliane Okot Biket
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I write these words to bear witness to the primacy of resistance struggle in any situation of domination.
Bell Hooks
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Power concedes nothing without an Organized demand.
Charlene Carruthers
At betterment briefs we research and organize for data-backed change action
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