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To achieve its mission sustainably, the work we do at Better Breed Cameroon has been structured into 3 units. In this way, realizing a better Cameroon is as easy as…


Researching for Better-informed Advocacy and Social Change

Betterment Briefs is the research consultancy subsidiary of Better Breed Cameroon. It carries out and/or facilitates relevant research for better consciousness raising, equipping, and lobbying and/or as a fund-raising method through consultancy. Through this unit, Better Breed Cameroon works to attain its goal of fostering sustainable social change in Cameroon by better informing young people and advocating on youth issues to policy makers and the public at large. Betterment Briefs is a research consultancy initiative through which members investigate underlying issues inhibiting and/or potential strategies for enhancing youth development in Cameroon. As a subsidiary, Betterment Briefs has a small core team of young Cameroonian researchers and a well-established network of technical experts and research assistants that can be drawn on for specific projects. Our members are well-trained (academically and through practical experience) in a variety of social science research methods (qualitative, quantitative, and participatory action research).
Findings/publications produced by this research unit are known as Betterment Briefs and they are available on our Resources Page


Showcasing enterprise for sustainable Cameroonian philanthropy through Memorabilia

Memorabilia is the social enterprise arm of Better Breed Cameroon. It is the un it which achieves our goal to promote Cameroonian youth talent and enterprising skills. Through Memorabilia, we showcase and sell novelty products and souvenirs produced in partnership with youth-led businesses. Profits from these sales are used to run the youth development projects under the program’s unit. Memorabilia’s motto: Where every purchase is support for a better Cameroon, captures the spirit of this initiative which offers Better Breed Cameroon a means of self-sustenance while offering customers creative gift ideas.
Visit the Memorabilia page to view products available and shop!


Curating events and projects aimed at empowering and engaging young people for social change through our programs unit

The programs unit is the core of Better Breed Cameroon as it is the engine through which we drive youth development work while other units support this work by either enabling the financing or enabling accurate informing of our youth work. 
Given our mission and small-scale of membership, Better Breed Cameroon holds only 4 projects quarterly at this time. But for our fixed annual youth essay contest (the Sama Randy Youth Write Contest), the exact projects executed under this unit each year vary depending on the annual budget and members’ availability. However, every project initiated must fall under at least one of our four main thematic areas; raising critical-consciousness, fostering youth capacity to live full lives in Cameroon, encouraging active citizenship and leadership potential in youth, and countering harmful socialization. 

Previous projects have included; Youth Employability Bootcamps (YEB), National Reading Caravans, Campus Career Days, Breeding Spaces Events, “Meducation” Events and more… 

All projects we execute are offered to Cameroonian youths at either a discounted fee or no charge at all. 

Check out our resources page for annual reports with project execution details or our Youtube Channel for videos summaries on some events!

Celebrating 10 years of impact

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can change unless it is faced.
James Baldwin
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I am no longer accepting the things i cannot change, I am now changing the things i cannot accept.
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Writing is a life-affirming act.
juliane Okot Biket
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I write these words to bear witness to the primacy of resistance struggle in any situation of domination.
Bell Hooks
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Power concedes nothing without an Organized demand.
Charlene Carruthers
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