This page displays how we’ve put our words in action. Better Breed’s activities towards youth development and empowerment tin Cameroon have included:

1-Parental Outreach Programs; through which parents were targeted through associations such as CWF, CWA, CMF etc. and were sensitized on their role in raising unbiased, conscious and engendered youth who may stand against practices such as gender discrimination, tribalism and corruption in future. Parents were made aware of their roles as tools of socialization and how they could rear a different breed of Cameroonians.

2- Youth Essay Competitions: Essay Comp poster

The “If I were President” Youth competition was launched in October of 2013.                              Entries were accepted from young student in secondary school through to undergraduate level at the university. Youth were called upon to write essays on what they felt was the greatest problems faced by Cameroon and how they would go about addressing these problems if they were president. The inaugural winner of this competition was Ntui-Oben who was then a year two student studying History at the University of Buea.




3- Future/Career Counseling Outreach: Via this project, Better Breed does a free distribution of its “What Next?” newsletter. The newsletter which generally circulated during the period between the end of GCE examinations and the release of the results, attempts to serve as a guide to youth who just completed high-school and are on the brink of life-changing decisions such as what to study and where as well as what career to pursue which will best fulfill them.


4- YouResolve Mentoring Project: Life is a journey and we all need help along the way… With this mentoring program Better Breed matches youth with those who can help support and guide them to achieve certain resolves thAnrette of Liber and mentee Mechiey have made for themselves. Both mentees and mentors fill out application packages to ensure the matches are suitable.





5. Right Aware: With this project ( still in the works) Better Breed collaborates with the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms (Southwest Regional Delegation) to produce a sensitization booklet for free distribution which outlines the international declaration of Human Rights and informs the citizen of where they could go to pose a complaint and actions to take depending on which right has been abused.

6. Better Minds Book Drive: This project (ongoing) is based on the belief that a reader today is a better thinker tomorrow. All around the country schools are established without libraries, and apart from school prescribed texts students read little else. The Better Minds Book Drive sets out to collect books for redistribution in schools without libraries for children. Better Breed Corners will be set up in schools to enable students free access to the books to read for recreation, thus encouraging reading culture in Cameroon.

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