Karen Sunjo, A Better Cameroonian Breed

Our youth of the month of September is the multifaceted young Cameroonian, Karen Sunjo.

Apart from being an Engineering Student, Karen runs her own healthy snacks business called the TASTYDUSTRY, she is a network marketer and a YouTuber. She describes herself as a businesswoman. 

As a young businesswoman who doubles as a student, Karen understands how tasking it is to successfully run a business in Cameroon, especially with student responsibilities. As a result, drawn from her years of experience, she has put together an e-book titled “How to Run a Business As A Student”. 

This e-book helps young Cameroonian students understand how to successfully navigate school, business, and personal life. It is a nine-chapter e-book which you can download and explore through this link. Karen affirms she is open to taking questions and bringing more clarity wherever you have a doubt.

At Better Breed Cameroon, we love to see young people taking the initiative to make Cameroon better in their own way. Such actions when combined can bring about national impact and intended change. 

Karen Sunjo is a Better Cameroonian. We have attached the e-book so you may download.


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