Membership into Better Breed Cameroon is free!

All you need to do is believe in what we stand for (Youth investment,development and empowerment today for a better tomorrow) and be willing to work with us, sensitize other Cameroonians, volunteer to participate in ongoing projects, be willing to impact the youth near you and of course “Like” and follow us on Facebook  as well on this Blog

Be an example of what change should be, there’s a young person watching you, let him/her see the right thing to do.

Some of our notable pioneer members include:

1-Monique Kwachou;DSC_0115xF

Founder and coordinator of Better Breed Cameroon. Monique is a writer, a feminist, a blogger and currently works at the University of Buea as and Administrative Assistant. She believes if we want tomorrow to be different from today we need to go into it with a different mindset.”So change the way our children think, what they believe in and practical change will follow.”


2- Ms. Anye Delphine;

Secretary General of Better Breed Cameroon, Ms. Anye is a lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Buea, a parent and a firm believer that “since we can’t teach old dogs new tricks, the best way to go about change is to incorporate it in how we raise the young.” OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


3-Mrs. Prudencia Asanga Enjoh, based in Douala facilitates activities in that sector. She is CEO of Wise concepts , a communication agency specialized in the printing on all sorts of communication gadgets and which offers consultation on event planning.  She has worked  in youth empowerment before  via Progressive Youth , an association of  Anglophone youth  residing around the  New Town- Airport neighborhood .


4- Ms. Arrey Echi Agbor-Ndakaw, based in Yaounde, is pioneer member and consultant on projects to be held in Yaounde. She holds aArrey combined honors degree in Gender Studies and  Sociology/ Anthropology from the University of Buea, Cameroon and an additional Diploma in Development and Human Resources Management from the Pan African Institute for Development-West Africa (PAID-WA) Buea. She is a passionate writer and her sociological background makes her a keen observer of society from which she draws most of her inspirations. She is very  passionate about gender and disability issues.

5- Fomuso Vakilla Yah is a student member and promoter of the Better Breed movement. She holds a BSc.Microbiology from the University of Buea and is currently studying  for an MBA in Health Management at  planning to return to address pertinent problems she is concerned of in the child heath sector in Cameroon.yah

7. Mrs Marlyn  Mbua  is  Head of Finance  for the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences at the University of Buea .  She is a consultant  and  constant supporter of Better Breed activities.

10. Mr. Brian Tamungang a recent graduate of the University of Buea with a BSc in Physics is an active member and regular troubleshooter for the association.

  Honorary Members & Partners

Our honorary members have other associations and commitments similar to what Better Breed does but in the spirit of partnership and for their belief in what we are doing they take the time out to offer their services, consult with us. They are…

Mrs. Ndi Mercy Awantu


She was the initial motivation behind the creation of Better Breed Cameroon. She is founder and coordinator of YEF (Youth Empowerment Forum) Cameroon which advocates for youth political participation.

Ms. Fri Delphine


She has been with us from day 1 despite having her  own association and work with the Cameroon Baptist Convention to deal with. Fri Delphine founded in and works as a grant writer and creative consultant for the CBC.

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  1. What a wonderful equipe you got on board Better Breed. Once again the ladies are championing the lead. Hope to see some male devoted faces and names here too. Meanwhile lets breed the change , chapeau mesdames

  2. Great Job Monique et al. This is an amazing initiative which will take youths into a better tomorrow. Superbe energy and members.

  3. Hey,
    I stumbled upon your site while was looking for some essays on young people in cameroon. I would like to get in touch with your organisation to find out a bit more, but havent quite figure out how to contact you. I shall be really grateful if some one could kindly leave me a message on please?

  4. Wao! This is awesome. You all are doing a great job for our nation and the world at large. I am so inspired. More power to your elbows n God bless your endeavours.I look forward to joining u some day, God willing.

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